About The Chefs

Up North and Down Under

Jack (a northerner) and Matty (an Aussie) have made Cornwall their home. Both are passionate about good food and high-quality service. The café strand boys want to provide an unpretentious café experience keeping the dishes simple but using the best quality cornish produce.

Matty has worked in various places around the world and brings his love of Japanese and Mexican food to the Menu. 

Jack and Matty make almost everything that is served in house, the sauces, the mayonnaise, salsas and the cakes and scones. 

They are part of the Falmouth community and ensure they source their ingredients locally.

Café Strand is located in a very old heritage protected building. It gives the exterior of the Café some very original old-world Cornish charm. The interior has been modernised in a simple Café style also in keeping with Falmouth’s old Cornish town look.


Café Strand is located just to the right and across the road as you come off the Ferries that land at Prince of Wales Pier. Drop in for a full English breakfast, delicious lunch or a great coffee to start your tour of beautiful Falmouth.